Asili Consultants LLC - "Return to the Source of Your Power"
"The Healers Before Me Left Big Shoes to Fill,
But Also Broad Shoulders On Which I Stand"
Dr. Rhonda is the Founder and CEO of Asili Consultants LLC. She provides a full range of health and wellness services as an Author &Educator, Therapist, and Workshop & Retreat FacilitatorHer work focuses on helping others return to the source of their power for wholistic social and mental health. Dr. Rhonda works with: Young Adults, Adults, Couples, Families and Groups.
Dr. Rhonda's extensive work experience focuses on healing from previous life wounds and helping clients restore their sense of balance, harmony, and self empowerment so they can live more healthy wholistic lives. She has clinical expertise in sexual abuse, incest, rape, sexual assault, and intimate partner violence. Dr. Rhonda utilizes a therapeutic approach that create a sense of trust and acceptance that inspires self awareness and peace. She encourages the use of journaling as a tool for finding one's voice and utilizes the power of words as a source for healing. Dr. Rhonda works with clients in a traditional, yet peaceful office setting, but she is also an advocate of E-Therapy when appropriate, and uses online therapy to provide her services to a broader client population.Dr. Rhonda is a featured therapist with Psychology Today on
She is a licensed clinical social worker and has been on faculty for 20 years in the School of at Morgan State University where she is an Associate Professor in the PhD Program.

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