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is an inspiring collection of over 200 original affirmations about love and life, generated from a deep source of wisdom, intended to uplift and encourage in the midst of tough daily challenges and choices. I believe the thought we put into truly understanding the meaning of words, can serve as a powerful tool to negotiate the unpredictable journey of life. In fact, positive thinking is rooted in the value we place on the positive messages that play in our heads from important lessons we've learned along the way.  
We all have the power to imagine ourselves into a greater light that becomes reality.  That is the magic of transforming positive thinking into action, and building a road map for living on purpose.  In Tweetings, you will learn that “miracles are at the cutting edge of what you’re doing and what you're afraid to do"

“The Ending of What Has Been Is Your New Beginning” 

"Tweetings: Words of Wisdom for Life's Journey @doctor_rhonda" was released by Tate Publishing in December 2013.  You can order books here, on Tate's website, and on
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About the Author 
Dr. Rhonda is a licensed clinical therapist and professor with nearly 30 years of extensive work experience that focuses on healing from previous life wounds and helping clients restore their sense of balance, harmony and self-empowerment so they can live more healthy wholistic lives.  She has expertise in sexual abuse, rape, sexual assault, and intimate partner violence and works with individuals as well as couples.  dr. Rhonda utilizes a therapeutic approach that creates a sense of trust and acceptance inspiring self-awareness and peace. 

“Helping Others Discover the Path to
Their Own Healing is My Gift from The Universe” 

“We all have a right to heal from old wounds,
laugh until we cry, dance in the rain and love again” 

Dr. Rhonda, is an accomplished author having written and co-written numerous professional articles. She is publisher and editor of The Healing Power of the Circle: A Collection of Spiritual Awakenings.
Two additional book titles......... are forthcoming, Social Work Practice with African Americans in Urban Environments (Springer Publishing) will be released in October 2015 and Lessons I Taught My Sons: That Every Child Should Know, check back soon for updates and to purchase....

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