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Retreat Revolutions
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"Let Us Customize a Retreat for You"
Retreat Revolutions
Is an innovative approach to relaxation and healing for individuals and groups that work too hard and need opportunities to get away, renew and retreat as a means to reground, regroup and reorganize so that mental, physical and spiritual health can be re-established as the primary foundation on which one functions as a healthy productive member of their families, communities and society.
Our Goal:
Provide opportunities for individuals and groups to rest, relax, and restore themselves, while spending time in natural settings that allows one to connect with their source of spiritual renewal and rediscover their unique voice and purpose.
  •     Individualized consultation for personal renewal needs
  •     Consultation for creating your own retreat
  •     Consultation for scheduling your own retreat
  •     Information on upcoming retreats
  •     1, 2 and 3 day local retreats
  •     2 to 7 day retreat getaways
Existing Retreat Themes:
Relaxation*Group Dynamics*Spiritual*Writing*Problem Solving *
Nature*Spa*Career Change*Couples* Sister Circles*Reflection *Self Nurturing*Journaling*Meditation*Forgiveness*Living on Purpose *Silence*Poetry*Music Therapy* Aromatherapy Movement*Fire, Water & Earth Massage*Meditation*Healthy Eating*Exercise*Physical, Mental & Spiritual Healing                
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